Yoigokochi Sake Importers is the world’s first sake importing company to deal strictly with Junmaishu, 100% pure sake without additives, and our large variety of brands from more than 25 breweries is distributed in 20 European countries. We introduced unpasteurized sake to Europe and, as ever, the major part of the collection consists of unpasteurized sake, in most cases also unfiltered, undiluted and/or made from organically grown rice. This collection also includes many medieval and early modern brews and long-matured sake. Our independent selectors have a strong preference for pure sake with outspoken taste and aroma that can contribute to dishes from all cuisines in the world, but are also marvelous to enjoy on their own. Next to sake, our assortment covers shōchū, Japanese craft beer and a range of artisanal cooking ingredients.