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Chiyokotobuki Toraya

prefecture: Yamagata

Founded in 1922, Chiyokotobuki Toraya Brewery has been a cornerstone of sake brewing in Sagae City, Yamagata Prefecture for over a century. Situated near the magnificent Mt. Gassan, which rises to 1,980 meters, the brewery benefits from the pristine snowmelt that feeds the Sagae River and enriches the surrounding farmland. This region is known for its abundance of high-quality water and locally grown rice, particularly from Yamagata Prefecture, essential elements in their brewing process.

Nestled in the heart of Yamagata Prefecture, at the base of Mt. Gassan, Chiyokotobuki Toraya boasts a rich history that extends beyond 100 years. They harness the subsoil water of the Sagae River, originating from the snow-capped peaks of Gassan, and use the locally cultivated 'Toyokuni' rice, known for its large grains. Their brewing philosophy is deeply influenced by the Isobe tradition, prioritizing sustainable food production and resulting in a range of high-quality sakes that embody the essence of Japan. Their products, enjoyed both in Japan and overseas, reflect their commitment to brewing excellence.