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Les Larmes du Levant

prefecture: Loire

Les larmes du levant is renowned as the first French Sakagura, solely devoted to the craft of brewing Sake. This unique establishment sources all its raw materials – rice, kôji, and yeasts – directly from Japan, nurturing strong bonds and trust with their suppliers. Specializing in Junmai Sakes, they produce pure sakes comprised only of rice, water, yeasts, and nothing else.

Their brewing philosophy is a harmonious blend of respecting traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the unique ""Spirit"" inherent in this ancient art, while also incorporating innovative practices. At the same time, they hold a deep appreciation for French culture, especially its culinary and oenological excellence, and acknowledge the distinctive tastes and traditions that differentiate France and Japan.

Striking a delicate balance between the best of Japanese and French traditions is central to their mission. Despite an origin in the lush vineyards of Côtes du Rhône, which did not initially suggest a path in Japanese Sake production, the pure waters of Mont Pilat and the guidance of Umetsu Masasuke, a fifth-generation Kuramoto, have made this unique venture possible. Masasuke's patient and knowledgeable tutelage in the ancient art of sake brewing has enabled Les larmes du levant to achieve an extraordinary feat: crafting Japan's emblematic beverage in a land famed for its wine. This achievement is a testament to the exceptional qualities of the local waters, creating a perfect fusion of the best elements from both worlds in every bottle of sake they produce.