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Miyako Bijin

prefecture: Awaji

Miyako Bijin Sake Brewery, located at 247 Nishikawa, Enokiretsu, Minamiawaji City in Hyogo Prefecture, is deeply intertwined with the rich history and romance of Awaji Island. This island, celebrated in ancient texts like the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, is dotted with historic sites and temples, such as the Izanagi Shrine. Awaji Island, which became a part of Hyogo Prefecture in 1891, has a long-standing connection with sake brewing. In 1945, ten breweries on the island merged, giving rise to the renowned sake brand "Miyabijin," originally a Fushimi brewer's trademark, chosen for its harmonious sound and deep meaning.

The island's picturesque landscape, featuring mountains, hills, and the surrounding azure sea, provides an idyllic setting for sake production. The richness of the local "food from the mountains" and "food from the sea" reflects the natural bounty of Awaji Island, historically known as "Miketsukuni." This abundant environment has been instrumental in cultivating Miyako Bijin's exceptional sake.

Miyako Bijin Sake Brewery has been steadfast in its brewing techniques since its inception, especially in adhering to the traditional Yamahai method. This method, combined with Sokujo, imparts a rich, yet refreshing flavor to their sake, maintaining its quality even when warmed. This dedication to tradition is a testament to their commitment to crafting the finest sake.

In recent years, Miyako Bijin has shifted its focus from quantity to quality. They have reintroduced "Tenbin Shibori," a rare and meticulous brewing technique, and now produce Junmai Ginjo from organic, pesticide-free rice cultivated through the Aigamo farming method. This blend of traditional techniques and modern approaches is what makes Miyako Bijin's sake a unique and celebrated choice among connoisseurs. Visitors and enthusiasts are invited to savor the distinctive flavors of Awaji Island through Miyako Bijin's exquisite sake offerings.