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Niida Honke

prefecture: Fukushima

Founded in the first year of the Shotoku period (1711), Niida-Honke stands as a testament to the rich heritage and enduring traditions of Japanese sake brewing. Located in the serene landscapes of Tamura-machi, Fukushima, this family-run brewery, now under the stewardship of Yasuhiko Niida, the 18th successor of the “穏” (Yasu) name, has been crafting exceptional sake for over three centuries. With a profound commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, Niida-Honke has positioned itself as a beacon of traditional yet innovative sake brewing.

At the heart of Niida-Honke's philosophy is 'MAMORU,' a commitment to preserving the natural integrity of the rice fields and water sources vital to sake production. The brewery prides itself on using naturally grown rice, free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, sourced through special contracts with ten farming groups, most of them local to Fukushima. Embracing organic methods, Niida-Honke utilizes natural materials like rice husks and straws for field nourishment and adopts the Nakano method along with tadpole shrimp for weed control. Their dedication to organic practices earned them the "Organic Products" JAS certification in 2009.

Niida-Honke's dedication to preserving natural water sources is equally commendable. Utilizing a blend of hard well-water and soft spring water, each drop is treated with the utmost respect. The brewery ensures that all wastewater meets stringent environmental standards, underscoring their commitment to sustainability.

Beyond preserving, Niida-Honke also embraces 'SODATERU,' nurturing both sake and people. Leveraging their long-established fermentation technologies, they have expanded their repertoire to include non-alcoholic beverages and food products. A testament to their dedication to quality and sustainability is their exclusive use of organic rice, natural water, and 100% Kimoto yeast since 2021.

Their product range, including "Shizenshu," "Odayaka," and "Tamura," reflects a harmony of traditional methods and modern innovation. Each variety, from the sweet and rich Shizenshu to the robust and dry Tamura, is a celebration of Niida-Honke's commitment to quality, tradition, and environmental stewardship.

Niida-Honke's philosophy extends to 'MINNA-NO-KURA,' creating a space for everyone. The brewery operates a flagship store and gallery, hosting numerous events to engage with the community and visitors alike. Their management principle is simple yet profound: keeping promises. This ethos permeates every aspect of their operation, from maintaining the authenticity of Japanese rice fields to aspiring to make Tamura-machi a self-sufficient, rich countryside.