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Ōmi Shuzō

prefecture: Shiga

Situated in the picturesque Omi Basin of Shiga Prefecture, Omi Sake Brewery is a testament to the harmony of history and nature. Surrounded by the tranquil waters of Lake Biwa and the majestic Suzuka Mountains, the brewery benefits from a unique set of geographical advantages. These include pristine subterranean waters and a climate that transitions from warm, rice-cultivating summers to cold, sake-fermenting winters – ideal conditions for brewing exceptional sake.

Rooted in a rich historical landscape that dates back to ancient Japan, Omi Sake Brewery was founded in 1917. It has since flourished alongside the vibrant market towns of the region, known for their significant rice production. The brewery's flagship brand, "Shiga Sakari," is a tribute to the prosperity and natural bounty of the area.

Omi Sake Brewery is dedicated to the art of traditional sake brewing, infused with a spirit of innovation. By carefully selecting each element, from the mineral-rich waters of the Suzuka Mountains to the finest local ingredients, they ensure every bottle encapsulates the essence of their land's heritage and their unwavering commitment to quality.

Experience the distinct flavors and rich history of Omi with each sip, where the essence of Japanese sake culture is elegantly revealed.