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Puramu Shokuhin

prefecture: Wakayama

Nestled along the serene Tomita River and amidst the natural splendor of Wakayama Prefecture, Plum One Corporation has been a bastion of ume (Japanese plum) craftsmanship since 1969. With a commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation, they produce a wide array of ume-based delights, from refreshing drinks and extracts to an exquisite range of plum wines and liqueurs.

A standout creation is the Kishu Kumano Plum Liqueur, known for its rich, mellow flavor derived from Nankou plums of Kishu. This authentic liqueur is enhanced by a special extract, offering a well-bodied taste that distinguishes it from typical plum liqueurs.

In their pursuit of excellence, Plum One proudly presents the Plum Liqueur Hoshiko. This exceptional plum liqueur is the result of a collaboration with renowned bartender Denny Aikawa. It's a limited production masterpiece made with carefully selected domestic plums of the year, reflecting the company's dedication to creating unique and premium-quality products.

Plum One's passion for quality and their innovative spirit are palpable in every product they craft, providing a genuine taste of Wakayama's rich heritage and the extraordinary qualities of Japanese plums