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Sudō Honke

prefecture: Ibaraki

Sudo Honke, established in the 12th century, stands as Japan's oldest sake brewery with a venerable history that weaves through the ages. From introducing unpasteurized sake and seasonal Hiyaoroshi when quantity overshadowed quality, to pioneering food pairings for sake in 1973, the brewery has been at the forefront of innovation in the sake industry.

Sudo Honke's recognition extends beyond domestic acclaim to an international stage, where chefs, sommeliers, and even royal families have lauded its dedication to excellence. This commitment was celebrated with prestigious awards, including a trophy from Sam Harrop at the International Wine Challenge and high praise from wine critic Robert Parker.

With a steadfast philosophy, Sudo Honke honors the intrinsic connection between the local rice, pure water, and traditional methods. Rejecting the use of distilled alcohol in their sake, the brewery emphasizes the harmony of local ingredients, which is fundamental to their craft. The brewery's ethos is exemplified by their respect for nature, reflected in their family motto, "Never cut the trees", honoring the ancient woods that cradle the brewery.

Through their Junmai Daiginjo, which forgoes distilled alcohol, Sudo Honke captures the essence of the Kasama region's terroir, using rice harvested within five months and water from their centuries-old well. This meticulous approach has earned them international accolades and solidified their reputation as custodians of traditional sake brewing.

Sudo Honke's legacy is not just in their award-winning sake but also in their dedication to preserving the environment and upholding the craftsmanship that is the heart of Japanese culture. Their mission extends beyond brewing; it's about nurturing the joy and excitement of sake, sharing it with the world, and safeguarding this heritage for future generations.