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Tentaka Shuzō

prefecture: Tochigi

Tentaka Brewery steadfastly upholds the founder's principle, "If it's not dry, it's not sake," a legacy of crafting exclusively dry sake that resonates with the customers' appreciation for its traditional flavor. Emphasizing a smooth sake experience, Tentaka is committed to innovation while honoring their heritage, striving to produce high-quality, delicious, safe, and enjoyable sake suitable for modern palates.

Central to Tentaka's philosophy is the belief that great sake begins with superior ingredients. They carefully select the best rice, working closely with farmers who share their ethos. This commitment extended to the establishment of Tentaka Organic Farm Co., Ltd. in 2018, emphasizing eco-friendly rice cultivation.

Located in Ohtawara, Tochigi Prefecture, Tentaka benefits from an ideal climate for sake brewing. The fertile lands, enriched by the Naka and Houki Rivers, and the clean subsoil water from Mount Nasu, provide the perfect conditions for producing premium sake.

Tentaka embraces modern technology in brewing, balancing mechanization with the irreplaceable touch of human expertise. This approach has led to numerous accolades, including international recognition for their "Organic Junmai Daiginjo Tentaka."

Beyond traditional Nihonshu, Tentaka explores innovative products that utilize their brewing techniques, such as mead made with Nihonshu yeast and unique ginjo-brewed spicy malt paste. This adventurous spirit is at the heart of Tentaka, as they continue to expand the horizons of sake brewing.

Discover Tentaka's dedication to organic practices and explore their range of organic sake at Tentaka Shuzo, Co., Ltd. Their commitment to organic standards is a testament to their dedication to quality and environmental sustainability. Experience the depth and richness of Tentaka's sake, a fusion of traditional brewing artistry and modern innovation.