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Umetsu Shuzō

prefecture: Tottori

Umetsu Shuzō Co., Ltd., established in 1865, is a testament to the art of traditional sake brewing in Tottori Prefecture. Under the visionary leadership of President Fuminori Umetsu, the sixth in his line, the brewery stands as a beacon of heritage and innovation. Famous for their meticulous 'Kimoto' method, Umetsu Shuzō creates sake with a deep, complex taste, a strong rice aroma, and a lingering finish, primarily using the exquisitely local Yamada-nishiki rice. Expanding beyond sake, since 1984 they've ventured into Shochu, Ume-sake, and other delicacies like yuzu-infused sake, mirin, and pear wine. Each bottle from Umetsu Shuzō is a celebration of Tottori Prefecture's local flavors, brought to the international stage with passion and dedication.