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Wakabayashi Shuzō

prefecture: Shimane

Wakabayashi Sake Brewery, the esteemed creators of the Kaishun brand, is located in the historic town of Yunotsu in Oda City, Shimane Prefecture. Since its establishment, the brewery has dedicated itself to the art of sake making, deeply rooted in the rich culture and natural resources of the area.

The brewery takes pride in utilizing the blessings of their local environment. They draw their water, known for its medium-soft quality, directly from Takase in Yunotsu Town, ensuring a perfect foundation for their sake. The rice used in their brewing process includes Yamada Nishiki from Hiroshima, Kami no Mai and Sakamai Nishiki from Shimane, Bizen Omachi rice sourced through Okayama milling stations, and Kame no O, cultivated by local farmers.

Wakabayashi Sake Brewery's small team, consisting of only three dedicated workers, manages to produce a remarkable range of sakes. Their small-batch approach, typically under 800 kg per brewing process, ensures meticulous attention to detail and quality.