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Kinoshita Shuzō

prefecture: Kyoto

Nestled in the picturesque Kyotango region of Kyoto Prefecture, the Kinoshita Brewery, creators of the esteemed Tamagawa brand, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1842. Situated in Kumihama township, by the serene Kawakamidani River, their brewery has stood as a testament to the art of sake making. The name "Tamagawa", meaning "Jewel River," is inspired by this river, symbolizing the precious beauty of their product and their deep reverence for water, a sacred element in Shinto tradition.

The character of Tamagawa sake is uniquely multifaceted. It thrives across a spectrum of temperatures, revealing different flavors and profiles, from being served over ice to enjoyed at room temperature, and even savored when heated. This versatility makes Tamagawa a delightful companion to a range of culinary experiences. Contrary to the common perception of sake being delicate, Tamagawa prides itself on its robust and enduring quality. It’s a sake that ages gracefully, maintaining its excellence over time, a feature cherished by their customers and a testament to their low-stress approach to sake enjoyment.

Their sakes are known for their bold umami flavor, making them stand out in bars and pair exquisitely with a wide variety of dishes. Whether in a bustling izakaya, an elegant restaurant, or alongside home-cooked meals, Tamagawa enhances the culinary experience, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

The Kinoshita Brewery has a storied past, founded by the 5th generation head of the Kinoshita family, Zenbee. Since then, it has been passed down through generations, with each bringing their unique vision to the craft. Today, under the stewardship of Kinoshita Yoshito, the 11th generation, they continue to honor the traditional methods while embracing innovation.

Their partnership with Master Brewer Philip Harper, a Briton with over twenty-five years in sake brewing, has ushered in a new era for Tamagawa. Philip's groundbreaking techniques, like the Spontaneous Fermentation range and revitalizing ancient recipes, have broadened their appeal and captivated a new audience of sake enthusiasts.

The brewery's commitment to excellence extends beyond their sake. They recently updated their company logo, a modern interpretation designed by the renowned artist Sakane Katsusuke. Known affectionately as the marutama, it symbolizes their dedication to tradition and innovation.

At Kinoshita Brewery, their mission is simple yet profound: to craft exceptional sake that brings joy and enriches lives. They believe in the power of sake to create happiness, a belief that fuels their passion for this noble craft. As they continue on this journey, their commitment remains steadfast – to brew with heart and soul, always striving to delight their customers with authentic, soulful sake.