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Ōkura Shuzō

prefecture: Nara

Founded in 1896 as Okura Katsuji Shoten, Okura Honke Brewery is a testament to the enduring legacy of Japanese sake making. This venerable brewery, led by the fourth generation brewer Takahiko, has navigated through a remarkable history, marked by dedication, resilience, and a deep respect for traditional brewing methods.

In the early 20th century, Okura Honke was commissioned to brew "sacred sake" for the Nara Prefecture Shrine, a significant recognition of its brewing prowess. Despite the hardships of war and the scarcity of rice, the brewery, under the guidance of the second generation Katsuharu, maintained its commitment to quality-first sake production. This ethos led to expanded sales channels post-war, setting the stage for a period of prosperity and recognition, including multiple gold medals at the National New Sake Fair.