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junmai, bodaimoto, muroka, nama-gen, nigori, and doburoku

Dakushu means ‘cloudy sake’, which is an understatement in the case of this sake. The brew has gone straight from the tank into the bottle, without any pressing or straining, the bottle thus containing a milky way of rice grains. This uniquely unstrained short-brew sake takes us back to the roots of sake-making. Made on the basis of the 600-year old bodaimoto tradition of Nara breweries, this sake used to be presented only to the gods. Made twice a year, in November and May. Slightly acidic and refreshing, with the added sensation of soft rice grains on your tongue. Unpasteurised, unfiltered, undiluted and no yeast added. This is the unstrained brewing mash, so there is a lot of gas-formation on the bottle. Open with care, bit by bit, to avoid spillage. Store in refrigeration and drink cold.

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the Ōkura Shuzō brewery

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