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prefecture: Tochigi

In the verdant sprawl of Sakura City in Tochigi prefecture, where the symphony of rain, wind, and the earth's breath come together, Senkin Brewery crafts sake that flows with the seasons. Here, the concept of 'Domaine' is revered, a trust in the land's unique character, aligning with rather than opposing nature’s inherent qualities.

At Senkin, water is not just an ingredient; it is the essence of their sake. The same life-giving water that nurtures the rice paddies is interwoven into their brewing process, creating a harmony between cultivation and creation. Senkin prides itself on its original ingredients: the Kamenoo, Yamadanishiki, and Omachi rice varietals. These grains, imbued with the purity of the local underground water vein, form the heart of Domaine Sakura's distinct cepage.

Senkin's philosophy extends deep respect for the natural environment, striving for a 'perfect mariage' of all elements. They celebrate the individuality of their land, which in turn defines the uniqueness of their sake. Here, the true cultivators are acknowledged: the rich biological tapestry of the soil, teeming with creatures and microbes, once considered adversaries, now honored as the true artisans of agriculture.

Senkin's approach to organic farming isn't a trend but a homecoming to the origins of agriculture, a pursuit deeply rooted in their practices. They stand by the ancient rice Kamenoo, not just as a heritage strain but as an emblem of their bond with the past. Eleven years ago, Senkin and Kamenoo's paths converged, reviving the original species with untamed DNA that charts a course from antiquity to the modern era, altering the future of sake brewing.

Senkin's sake transcends mere naturalism; it is a supernatural revival of ancient techniques. Fermented with wild yeast drawn from the environment, this process, though arduous, awakens the raw power of ancient Kamenoo rice, weaving a tapestry of flavors with boundless vitality. This is a nod to historical sake brewing traditions, untouched by modern machinery or specialized sake rice.

Senkin consciously steps back from technological advancement to embrace a philosophy of 'Nature' that honors the wisdom of ancestors. This respect for the natural world is without borders, shared among cultures of wine and craft beer alike, positioning Japanese sake as a timeless, genre-transcending, borderless art form.

The emblem of Senkin is the crane, a mystical bird of the mountain hermits, symbolizing a trinity of values: red for love, white for tradition, and black for innovation. This emblem represents the unique fusion of elements that make Senkin an unparalleled entity in the world of sake.