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Senkin Tsurukame 19

junmai, daiginjō, muroka, and genshu

Supreme but affordable luxury. A super-daiginjō sake for which the rice grain is polished down to an incredible 19%! Very delicate aroma, with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, the trademark of all Senkin sake. Small-batch handwork, brewed in wooden barrels, extremely slow pressing. Unpasteurised, unfiltered, undiluted. Store in refrigeration, drink cold. Senkin is a local brewery with a history dating back to 1806. However, the two young brothers Usui have completely changed the postwar legacy of their forefathers. They have radically downsized production volume and have returned to such traditional elements as wooden tanks, kimoto and yamahai slow-brew, and extremely slow pressing. Almost all Senkin sake are unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted. Motivated by a strong urge to do things differently from others, they have developed a new formula of sweet-and-sour sake.

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