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Daigo no Shizuku

junmai, bodaimoto, muroka, genshu, and shizenshu

A medieval sake made on the basis of a temple recipe from the early 15th century. Since it dates back to before the 17th century sake revolution, it had better be termed ‘fermented rice drink’ than sake. The starter is made overnight instead of in one month, all ingredients are added in one go instead of three stages, and the fermentation only lasts ten days instead of a full month. Terada Honke is the only brewery making this bodaimoto brew under completely medieval conditions. Natural rice, minimal polishing, most of the rice unsteamed, no addition of yeast or lacto acid, unpasteurised, unfiltered, undiluted. Moreover, like in the middle ages, this sake is made year-round, making for a constantly varying alcohol percentage, sake meter value, and acidity. This rough and radical brewing method results in a refreshing full-body drink with very strong sweetness and acidity, combining into a citrus- like taste. Store cold and drink cold.

Daigo no Shizuku
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