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junmai, genmai, muroka, nama-gen, and shizenshu

Radical medieval brew made on the basis of completely unpolished rice. Since it dates back to before the 17th century sake revolution, it had better be termed ‘fermented rice drink’ than sake. The starter is made overnight instead of in one month, all ingredients are added in one go instead of three stages, and the fermentation only lasts ten days instead of a full month. True to its medieval character, it is made throughout the year, thus making for varying alcohol percentage, sake meter value, and acidity. Sour, sparkling and refreshing. Musubi is the ultimate rice drink, healthy and 100% natural. Natural rice, no yeast or lactic acid added, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted. Especially nice with vegetable dishes. Open with care, bit by bit, to avoid spillage. Store in refrigeration and drink cold. The Terada Honke brewery was founded around 1675 and they have recently returned to a very traditional method of brewing. Easiest the most radical brewery of Japan, all modern machinery has been done away with and natural, natural and handwork are the new keywords. Accordingly Terada Honke is one of the very few breweries that does not use any cultivated yeast, relying solely on the natural yeast culture of their brewery. The entire production is fermented in the slow-brew kimoto method where no lactic acid is added to the starter (moto). The rice used is natural.

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